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Craps Legends

Number 1.

Historical record shows the best rolls of 147 numbers in the year 2005 by the Captain. This historical roll lasted for nearly 138 minutes. The Captain had a previous feat under his belt in the year 2004 when he rolled 100 numbers before being severed out.

Number 2.

California Club, Las Vegas holds the record in regard to time in the year 1989 by Stanley Fujitake. He had rolled 118 numbers in a record time of 186 minutes.

Number 3.

During the summers in 1995, I had the honor of personally witnessing the 2 successive rolls that lasted more than an hour. The table had only some red-chip players initially but the excitement on the table shot up as soon as they crossed an hour and all started betting purple, green and black chips.

Number 4.

Atlantic City's "Arm" has witnessed numerous rolls that have lasted 20 minutes to 60 minutes for the last 24 years. Claridge Hotel on New Year's Eve witnessed numerous consecutive 20-30 minute rolls as every player gave up shooting turns and let the famous "Arm" do the shooting. That night saw players lapping up hundreds of thousands of dollars in one session.


There are some renowned crap winners who have won great amounts with just minimal investments and that too not on their own roll. Crap has some wonderful long-shot bets wherein the returns can be as huge as 30:1 and a player can easily manage a high stake-out with minimal buy-ins. Although rare it does happen too.

  1. Fast Eddie who was an octogenarian jockey is known to have made $250000 from $100 on not one but 4 different occasions. The renowned "suitcase man" of the 1980's at Binions, Las Vegas has an extraordinary story that is fascinating to date. With at least 6 versions doing the rounds, it is anyone's bet on which the accurate one is. It is said that at that time Binion had made a claim saying that it would pay any bet, irrespective of how enormous it was, only under one condition that it was the players first bet.
  2. William Lee Bergstrom decided to check the authenticity of the claim and came to Binion with a suitcase having $777,000 and bet it on Craps "Don't Pass Line". The shooter made a point of 6 and later sheened out after 2 rolls. William Lee Bergstrom walked out of Binion with double the money he has entered with. He came again and won bets of $590,000 and later another bet of $190,000.