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Blackjack Rules

Blackjack is one of the simplest casino games and that explains its immense popularity. It just requires understanding of some basic game rules and being able to count till the number 21 for mastering it. Once you develop your comfort level with the basic rules of blackjack you should try and understand the "basic strategy". This is a mathematical strategy that has been tried and tested over a period of time and is a great help to elevate your skill while playing blackjack.

Casino rules are varying in real casinos as well as online casinos. It is advisable to check the rules prevailing in the establishment or website that you intend to play in beforehand. Below are listed some commonly accepted rules in all casinos whether online or real.

Gaming Objective:

The aim of blackjack is achieving a card count that exceeds the card count of the dealer but it should not surpass "21". There may be a number of players on one table but you are competing with only the "dealer".

Blackjack Rules:

There are various interpretations of the game but the methodology is more or less similar that is as follows:

  1. Every player is supposed to lay a bet.
  2. The dealer then deals the cards in clockwise direction and every player is dealt two cards. Generally the two cards dealt to each player faces up but for the dealer only one card faces up and the other card is supposed to face down. The card that faces down is called the "hole card". A general rule that is prevalent in a casino is that when both your cards are facing up you are not permitted to touch them.
  3. The play is conducted in clockwise direction and every player is supposed to make a "hit" i.e. he is supposed to decide whether he would like to get some more cards or not or make a "stand" i.e. no more cards to be accepted. Each player can continue to accept cards till he goes "bust" i.e. his total exceeds "21".
  4. The dealers turn comes only after every player has played his turn.

Rules of betting:

Depending on which player is interested in playing the next hand he makes a bet prior to the dealing. Those players who are not interested in a bet stay out during the next hand. The entire bet should be placed in one shot.

Method of dealing: The dealer does a clockwise dealing giving each player only one card that faces up. He then deals himself a card that is supposed to be facing down and is referred to as the "hole card". He repeats the clockwise dealing to every player with each card facing up and his card facing up too.

Valuation of all the cards:

Every card in the game is valued as follows: