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Roulette Odds

Calculation of the possible outcomes on a roulette table is quite easy. The regular numbers on American Roulette are 36. It also has a single zero along with a double zero that takes the total to 38 numbers. In this case betting on a unique number takes your probability of winning to 1/38. Another way of looking at it keeping the long run in mind you may probably win 1 game in 38 spins. However, keeping the short run in mind you may either win number of spins or may end up losing all.

Casino has a distinct edge over the players in roulette. In case you bet "1" your single victory would give you either 35 units or 35-1 odds. But to earn 35 units it is imperative to play at least 38 spins or units. This takes the house edge of every unique number of an American wheel that has 38 unique numbers to 5.26% or 2/38.

Following is the list of all probabilities of a roulette table. This may be strategically utilized while placing bets.

American Roulette Wheel Probabilities