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Roulette Wheel

According to the Oxford Dictionary the roulette wheel can be defined as a game that has a numbered wheel that revolves and on which a ball is dropped.

Two variants of Roulette wheels:

  1. American Roulette Wheel: It has 38 partitions with numbers 0-36 and a 00 too. The house edge is of 5.26% which means for each $1 bet you make you may win a profit of 52 cents.
  2. European Roulette Wheel: It has 37 partitions with numbers 0-36 and a house edge of 2.7 % which means for each $1 bet you make you may win a profit of 27 cents.

A typical roulette wheel has a roulette layout on a revolving roulette table. As per the European format the wheel has 37 pockets that are numbered in a disorderly fashion. ½ these numbers have a black background whereas the rest ½ have a red background. Number zero has a green background. The colors of the background are of immense importance in a roulette game.

The players place their bets on the roulette table. It is a horizontal table with 36 numbers with each row having 3 numbers so in total there are 12 horizontal rows with three columns in all. Placed adjacently is the number table that is segmented as per the rules.

Game rules are:

  1. 00/0 right on top of the first row defines the house edge/edges (contains 3,1 and 2)
  2. Dozen segments i.e. the column with the three rows placed on the left half of the table. IT also divides the number table into three parts i.e. numbers 1 to 12 comprise the first dozen, numbers 13-24 comprise the second dozen and numbers 25-36 comprise the third dozen.
  3. Column bet segments i.e. a row having three columns and also adjacent to the last row of the number table. It contains the numbers 37, 36 and 35. Every column in this segment is a representative of the corresponding column of the number table. It is generally marked as 2:1.
  4. On the left of the dozen rows is the row that follows a different format.
  5. 1to18: Low value numbers

    19-36: High value numbers

    Even numbers are all the even numbers from 0-36

    B: Those numbers that have a black background

    R: Those numbers that have a red background

    Odd numbers are all the odd numbers from 0-36

    Bets are placed on this table and are decisive of the outcome of the game.

    Playing the Roulette Wheel

    1. From the dealer buy the chips. All chips are of the same amount
    2. Place your bet on the roulette table
    3. The dealer would now rotate the wheel anti-clockwise and spin the rolling ball in the clockwise direction.
    4. Once the ball loses its spin it would settle in any one of the pockets in the wheel. 5. This number is the winning number and all the rest of the bets are dependant on this number.
    5. Be clear about the method of betting before you bet and also know the tricks of betting.
      1. Roulette bets

        The betting can be of numerous types. You may bet on a unique number, a set of numbers, a row of numbers or a column of numbers.