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Craps Tips

Craps is an intriguing game and if you have never ventured into playing it before its high time you gave it at least one shot. Playing craps is much more exciting in a real casino than an online one. The thrill in the ambience can only be experienced in a real casino with everyone on the table applauding and cheering you for making a good play.

Tips to Follow

Here are some tips that would ensure more wins and less loses.

  1. Avoid the prop zone that would be found at the centre of the table. This zone contains all the casino money making wagers like horn, any craps, hard ways, any seven etc. The props bets are very lucrative and may enchant you but it is wise to maintain a distance from them as you are likely to loose money there. Take your money and bet on a number or put it behind on a rack to get better returns.
  2. Preferably choose odds for pass line wagers: Playing flat bets on a pass line is a waste of time and would be foolish not to place your odds on it. You should at least take 2 times the odds on pass line; sometimes the odds may go up to hundred times too. If you are unaware of the props odds it may be wise to check with the dealer. For an online game ask the casino about the props odds.
  3. Stay away from pass line progressive betting: If you are losing it would be unwise to do progressive betting. Don't panic the minute you see someone 7 out; the probability of the next person being able to hit a point is quite low. This kind of betting is just not advisable in craps.
  4. Focus on the person shooting the dice in real casinos: Keep an eye on the dice shooter shooting ability. You may take along a notebook if required to do so. You may come across some accomplished crap players with exceptional shooting ability and some who are not quite adept at it. Being able to analyze the shooting ability can help you accumulate quite some money.