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Security Measures

The security of the online players is of paramount importance to InterCasino. All the financial transactions here take place in the form of Ecash. Ecash is a renowned e-commerce application that has a high reliability and security with minimal probability of fraud. Ecash started operations in 1996 and has since then taken all proactive measures to minimize any instance of fraud in financial transactions.

It would be heartening to know that Ecash Direct Debit has successful operations in nearly 240 countries globally and has to date electronically debited nearly $11 billion. InterCasino believes in keeping its arena free from fraud and has thus installed highest possible security measures, gaming ethics and an expert customer service team on call 24 hours. With these measures in place you can relax and indulge in the casino games with complete fervor.


  1. Account maintenance: All your account balance is maintained in cash or equivalent to cash at InterCasino. The withdrawals and deposits are done in cash using secure Ecash direct debit.
  2. Limited access to account: The access to your account is possible only from the computer used when you opened your account using your unique username and password combinations. The username and password aren't automatically stored in your computer and need to be manually entered every time you attempt to login to you account. It is advisable to keep your username and password confidential for added security. If you wish to login from different computers you would need to generate a login disk. However, this would increase the risk to your account and InterCasino cannot be held responsible for any fraud arising due to misplaced or lost disks.
  3. No falsification of data: While opening your account it is imperative to use your complete name without any abbreviations and give true information. Any falsification of details would lead to your account getting locked. Incase you would like to request an address change you should put in a request in the form of a fax.
  4. Verify withdrawal request: Whenever you put up a request for a withdrawal you would be subject to verification from Ecash and the relevant documents would need to be presented.
  5. Account identification: When you open your account at InterCasino you are generated an account number that is permanent and cannot be altered.
  6. Statement of account: You may view your statement of account anytime during the day online in your account.