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Craps Myths

Though Craps is an interesting and exciting game has its share of myths surrounding it. Here are some myths about Craps that you should be aware of:

  1. If the dice rolls off the table in the next roll it would give a 7. The only treatment is to make the dealer take the dice and make the player roll the same dice again.
  2. If a players hand touches the dice his luck is doomed. To avoid this you may request the Box man for another set of dice.
  3. Do not venture at a table no one is playing as it is unlucky. An empty table is believed to have "cold" dice that should ideally be warmed up a bit before playing.
  4. "Virgin players" are believed to tilt the fortunes of the table. Virgin players are those players who have never rolled the dice earlier. However, only female virgin players are known to bring good fortune and male virgin players are known to bring misfortune to the table.
  5. Female shooters are lucky for the dice.
  6. The higher the number of wrong bettors the higher is the probability of a 7 being rolled on the dice.
  7. If you throw some money at the same time when the dice is being rolled you are bringing "jinx" to the table. If the dice touches the money then it means that misfortune has fallen on the table.
  8. Any person who is having a good roll is not to be disturbed at all. Don't even touch them during this time.
  9. During the middle of a "good roll" do not stand between the player and the shooter.
  10. When the shooter is rolling do not mention the number "7" aloud.